Artistic Effects 2.0

Adobe Photoshop plug-ins Aqua, Chrome, Ice and etc.

This unique collection of Photoshop plug-ins has all that you may need to start creating fantastic graphically rich artwork right away. Among the professional effects included in this plug-in package are: Aqua, Snow, Drop, Ice, Chrome, Metal, Crude Metal, Plastic, Gel, Smoke and Cotton. Each effect is built on high precision mathematical model ensuring you get the greatest level of quality when applying effects.

Work on - Windows;
Work with - Adobe Photoshop 32-bit / 64-bit and compatible software;


Aqua Chrome Drop
Ice Metal Snow
Crude Metal Plastic Gel
Smoke Cotton Smoke + Gel



With Home license, you can use the program for non-commercial purposes in non-business, non commercial environment. That is, you only intend to use it at home for private use. To use the program in a business, academic, or government environment, you should purchase a Business license.

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